Tory Roof is in Reedsy’s Discovery feed — Please vote!

June 11, 2019

We’re excited!  Tory Roof is appearing as a “to-be-discovered book” on Reedsy’s Discovery platform. This is a great resource for authors and readers alike — celebrating new work, bringing it to the attention of the public, and giving book enthusiasts an inside scoop.

This week, Tory Roof is being introduced under Historical Fiction. (If the cover image does not appear, simply click “Recent” at the top right)

Readers can enjoy a chapter by clicking through, can follow the author, buy the book, or simply Like it. The more “up votes” an author receives, the better the chance for additional publicity.

So, folks, please give us an Up Vote if you’re so inclined.  Here’s a link to my personal Reedsy page if you’d prefer to go there directly.  Thanks!



Silver Line Chosen by BookLife for best “First Lines”

Publishers Weekly indie arm, BookLife, invites authors to submit the first lines of their books for consideration. Each month, they select a few examples that are particularly intriguing.

I’m honored that the opening of Silver Line was chosen for recognition. The content is referenced in the tease, as the editor writes, “This month we’ve got soiled doves, symbolic assassinations, and more.” The book begins this way:

“Let me be perfectly clear. I was never a soiled dove, a lady of the night. I was a dance hall girl, an entertainer — there’s a distinction.”  You can read more of the intro in Media Mentions:  Excerpts.


Profiled in Patch for Patriots Day 2019

In 13 towns west of Boston, Jill C. Baker and Tory Roof are being profiled in Patch, for four days leading up to Patriots Day. This is a state holiday in Massachusetts, celebrated on April 15th this year. Reenactments are scheduled in dozens of communities to commemorate the American Revolution and events leading up to it. On the 19th of each year, at 4:00 in the morning, contemporary Militia & Minutemen march from Wayland and Sudbury to Concord as they did in 1775.



Mention in Winning Writers

March, 2019 — Always nice to be recognized. Please scroll down to Recent Publications as we introduce Silver Line. Thanks, WW, for the opportunity to be included! For aspiring poets and authors, this is a great place to get the scoop on contests — prizes, deadlines, eligibility — and, maybe most importantly, ranking as to recommended or not.




Book Life News Promotes Author Podcast


March 6, 2019 — Book Life, the Indie Author arm of Publishers Weekly, offers a rotating feed of author announcements and book-related news. Happy to see our podcast (“A Few Words with Jill C. Baker”) picked up here. Check it out using the link below.


Podcast by Bob Cargill, interviewing Jill C. Baker, Author

March 5, 2019

Listen to the backstory about becoming an author, the process of writing a book, learning along the way, self-publishing, and ultimately, marketing.

Bob Cargill is an accomplished copywriter, social media guru, former NEDMA Marketer of the Year, and current president of the Boston, MA, Chapter of the American Marketing Association. His podcasts can be found on Podbean.

Jill and Bob are joined by Scott Myles, a content consultant and avid reader of the Sutherland Series.