The Sutherland Series includes 3 books to date, centering around the family of Sarah Sutherland — an average woman, a working mom, someone not too different from most of us — other than in her ability to transcend time. Each story stands alone but when read together, the adventures intertwine. Ideal for those who enjoy psychological suspense and endings that surprise.

  • Historical fiction with a touch of paranormal
  • Parallel plots that connect past and present
  • Entertaining escape for the open-minded


TORY ROOF is a woman’s story – an unexpected romance and account of bravery – that pits logic against longing. The story takes Sarah Sutherland from the safety of her contemporary New England home into the arms of a fiery Revolutionary War agitator. In the process, she discovers her own independence and why she was chosen to traverse time. The present-day plot unfolds throughout the course of a year and dovetails with actual events in 1765. In trying to reconcile her two realities, Sarah learns that the people around her are not as they seem, and that her life is in danger.


SILVER LINE is the tale of a young college couple (Sarah’s son, Jared, and Alexa) who discovers they can revert to their former, older selves — a rugged miner and beautiful dance hall girl living in an 1860s Colorado mining town. Lured by the adventure, they continue to return, finding themselves in a mature, romantic relationship which complicates their own casual one. Jared, a journalism student, is investigating the famous Gardner Museum heist, intent on finding the missing art.  Although he had always repressed his precognitive skills, thinking them an unfair advantage, he is convinced to use them. Together they realize that clues to the present lie in the past.


ABSENT is a story about Sarah’s husband, Carter, an emotionally-reserved, partially color-blind, think tank executive, challenged by a camouflage project at work. When he meets the lovely Tracee Green–a synesthete who sees words as colors– he agrees to be taken on four cerebral, sensory-rich journeys to enhance his perception. While he gains personal and professional insight, he now must grapple with new emotions — and something suspicious going on in the old Victorian estate where he is treated.