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Fall is upon us, and change is in the air. Some say, it’s the season when the veil between realms is thinner.

While these are not ghost stories, there’s enough other worldliness and shifting reality here to make this an ideal time for the Sutherland Series.

So, pour a cup of tea and settle into a comfy chair… or let your feet hang off a dock while your mind wanders.

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TORY ROOF     $2.99
ABSENT            $2.99 (Newest Release)

Paperback $9.99
eBook $5.99

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Between the Lines

When imagination manifests in reality

I put my imagination out into the world, and the universe delivered the real thing. I had this experience twice: once when I visited a place and realized I had seen it in a dream and when I saw an old chest I imagined for a book.

Don’t Forget to Unlock Your Memory Bank

How to use memories to enhance writing detail. Ways to memorize impressions for creative recall.