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Ahh, spring.

Warm breezes. Scent of flowers. Great time to find a park bench, hammock, or dock to relax with a book that lets you escape.

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TORY ROOF     $2.99
ABSENT            $2.99 (Newest Release)

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Between the Lines

Darn. There’s a word for that.

  March 19, 2023 I recently learned there was a word for the kind of leaves that ‘hung around’ after the others fell. “Marcescence” is the phenomenon, and trees such as oak, beech, and hornbeam are known to participate. These trees, with marcescent leaves, don’t drop them until spring, when a … Continue reading Darn. There’s a word for that.

When imagination manifests in reality

I put my imagination out into the world, and the universe delivered the real thing. I had this experience twice: once when I visited a place and realized I had seen it in a dream and when I saw an old chest I imagined for a book.