Sudbury Publishing Group Announces the Sutherland Series

October 2018


The Sudbury Publishing Group is pleased to debut Jill C. Baker’s Sutherland Series, starting with Tory Roof.  These are books of historical fiction that utilize a touch of paranormal to propel the plots — all of which connect past to present and end with a twist.

While each of these titles stands alone, they are connected by members of the Sutherland family, all of whom, via a series of mechanisms, can traverse time.

Baker’s goal is to create a forum for entertainment, escape, and imagination, giving the reader permission to ponder, “What if?”

Baker is an accomplished copywriter and media marketer who has been bent on trying her hand at long-form content. When asked about her target audience, she chuckles. “I’m not sure yet. I’m testing the water.”

Tory Roof, the first book, is a woman’s story – a lush, unfolding account of love and adventure that challenges Sarah Sutherland’s marriage and mental stability. In trying to sell a vintage home, she encounters Terrence, a fiery Revolutionary War agitator, and is drawn to him physically and emotionally. Sarah becomes a resister, a writer, and a mother. Parallel plots connect modern day New England to 1765 as Sarah tries to reconcile her two realities. She eventually learns that the people around her are not as they seem and that her life is in danger.

Silver Line picks up with Sarah’s son, Jared, who is heading to college in hopes of becoming an investigative reporter. When he meets Alexa, they discover they can slip back into their older, former selves – a rugged miner and beautiful dance hall girl, living in an 1860s Colorado town. Lured by the gritty lifestyle and intensity of a mature relationship, they return to the adventures of the old West while trying to solve a modern museum heist. Unlikely connections bring them to a stark conclusion — that clues to the present lie in the past.

Absent features Sarah’s husband, Carter, a mild-manner science teacher-turned-think-tank-executive, who unlike his family, does not possess extrasensory skills. He is partially color-blind and emotionally reserved, which prompts him to turn to a synesthete – a woman who sees words as colors – for help. She regresses him through 4 sensory-rich journeys that enhance his awareness and provide him with insight for a camouflage project at work. In the process, he stumbles upon something suspicious and a scheme that is more dangerous than he thought.




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