Silver Line: “Outstanding Plot and Appeal” says Writer’s Digest Judge

When I entered Silver Line in the 27th Annual Writer’s Digest Self-Published Book Awards competition, I did so as much for the promised review as the possibility of recognition in “Genre Fiction.”

While I didn’t win any awards, I’m delighted to have received a very encouraging, thoughtful, and insightful assessment, with some decidedly high marks.

On a scale of 1 to 5, where 5 is “Outstanding” and “1” means “Needs Improvement,” Silver Line was rated “5” for plot and story appeal, with the next highest grades for production quality, cover design, and copy editing.

This judge constructively pointed out that I’d do well to lengthen scenes to add character depth and improve pacing, which I will certainly aim to do in future writing. Happily, no grades were below 3.

Although I rely on multiple beta readers per title, and up to 13 editorial reviews, fresh perspective is a wonderful thing.

Judge’s Commentary:

“I thought you did a great job in building two very interesting characters. The personalities were plainly developed and understandable. The characters resonated with me, and I felt that you’d created a fantastic bond between them.”

Judge, 27th Annual Writer’s Digest Self-Published Book Awards

That, for me, was a priority.

I hope to have an opportunity to converse further with this judge about ‘voice’ and ‘style’ as I intentionally wrote Silver Line in a conversational tone, as if telling a tale. To me, this felt relaxed and comfortable, in keeping with the folklore that inspired the long-ago plot. I’m not sure this judge was a fan of that approach, but what do you think?

Please post a comment wherever this book is sold or on sites like Goodreads. (You can enjoy the first chapter of Silver Line on Reedsy Discovery by going to Science Fiction/Time Travel, and if you like it, give it an up vote.) Getting feedback is one way we writers can learn what readers like and strive to produce the most gratifying experience possible.